General rules
0. The objective of the BVPRBB Tournament is for members of the PRBB to have fun, enjoy the sun and sand, and socialize with other PRBB members. Please remember this as you play your matches.


1. General responsibilities of the Captain:
- Log in to the championship website regularly to check the assigned time slots and nets for the matches, and inform the rest of the players of the team.
- Make sure the assigned net is picked up by one of the teams from the storage point.
- Make sure the nets and accessories are used properly and returned every time to the storage point. Otherwise, both teams will be penalised (1 point).
- Teams will be allowed to use their own net, but they must notify La ORG that they aren't using a BVPRBB net. Otherwise, both teams will be penalised (1 point).
- Make sure the net is properly set up (
- Keeping and notifying the score of the game. The captain of the winning team has to input the result under “My matches”. An e-mail notification with the entered results will be sent to La ORG and the two captains involved. We kindly ask you to introduce the points achieved in EVERY set to enable a direct comparison (e.g. Set1: 15-21, Set2: 21-19, Set3: 15-13). This information will be needed in the case of equal points and ratio of won:lost sets for different teams.


2. Teams                                                                                                                           
-4x4 and 6x6: as many players as you want
    Players can be added to the roster until playoffs begin.
-2x2: each team consists of two players, mixed gender.

3. How to reschedule games:
1) Only reschedule if absolutely necessary.
2) Check for a free slot in the Calendar (there are a maximum of 6 slots per hour).
    *alternatively, you can schedule the game outside of the normal time slots (weekend, morning, etc.), if the opposing team agrees
3) Contact the opposing team's captain to organise the rescheduling (e-mail contact provided under "Directory").
4) Come to an agreement with the opposing team's captain.
5) Make sure the slot is still available. In case slot is taken, return to step 1)
6) Contact La ORG ( only after agreeing to a new time, with the opposing team's captain in CC, providing the details of the rescheduled game: original day & time, new day & time, your team's name, opposing team's name, only after both teams have agreed on the reschedule.
7) Wait for confirmation from La ORG.
8) Play the rescheduled game.
NOTE: Games that are played without proper approval from La ORG will not be considered (scoring 0 points).
***If there is trouble finding a new time, a 4x4 or 6x6 team may play with a player from another team (maintaining gender balance), or with less players. In these cases, it is necessary that the opposing team agrees to this. The gender balance rule when playing with less players: 4x4, at least 1 male and at least 1 female. For 6x6, at least 2 males and 2 females.
***If the game is unable to be rescheduled before the end of the relevant period (Qualifying round, regular season, playoffs round, etc.) the fault will lie with the team who asked for the reschedule, and the match will be considered won by the opposing team.


4. Match rules
· The first team to win 2 sets, wins the match (if it's already 2-0, third set is optional and does not count).
· Sets (1st and 2nd) are won by scoring 21 points (15 points in case of 3rd set), as long as the highest scoring team has a lead of at least 2 points.
· If the score is 21-21: A tiebreak ensues until a minimum lead of two points is achieved (e.g. 23‐21, 24-22, etc.).
· Official 2x2 beach volleyball rules apply (as guidance):
· BVPRBB 4x4 & 6x6 rules apply (as guidance):
· At any time during the game (for all categories) it is mandatory to have mix-gender teams. In the 4x4, this means 50% male and 50% female participants playing at the same time. In the 6x6, when playing, there should be at least 2 male and 2 female participants. Still, in both cases, the whole team can be composed of different percentages. The exception to this rule is in case of missing players, which must be agreed by captains before the match.


5. Scoring rules
· The 3 point rule applies:
- Set score: 2-0 = 3 points for the winner, 0 points for the loser.
- Set score: 2-1 = 2 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser.
· Additional sets do NOT count (see Game Rules)


6. Penalizations
· Teams who have not registered players (PRBB or ex-PRBB) will be penalised. If these players are externals, the team will be OUT from the tournament. No excuse will be accepted!
· To postpone or reschedule a match, it is required to notify both the other team (at least 48h in advance) and La ORG (at least 24h in advance). Last-minute notices will have a penalisation (-1 point) (Exceptions: RAIN and EXTREME WIND, determined by La ORG).
· Any absence without previous announcement will result in penalisation (-1 point) for the absent team, and the match will be considered lost (2-0) unless the opposing team agrees on rescheduling.
· Games played without proper approval from La ORG count as not played and score 0 points.
· Violating the ‘mixed-gender’ rule will result in penalisation (-2 points).
· The two playing teams are in charge of the net, and both will be penalised (-1 point) if the net breaks or any accessory is lost.
· Teams will be allowed to use their own net, but they must notify La ORG that they aren't using a BVPRBB net. Otherwise, both teams will be penalised (-1 point).


7. Classification criteria
Classification is done following priorities:
1) Points.
2) Won:Lost sets ratio.
3) Direct comparison (if team A has beaten team B or other way around).
4) Difference between scored and lost points across all matches.

--> If any disputes arise, you are strongly recommended to work it out with the opposing team. If the teams cannot come to an agreement, La ORG will make the final decision <--