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Who is behind this? In this edition, LA ORG members are:

Anna Almor (UPF)
Gerard Cantero (CRG)
Sonia Tejedor (IMIM)
Ilario De Toma (CRG)
Angela Ramírez (UPF)
Marc Talló (UPF)
Andrea Tassinari (CRG)
Dani Torres (external)

From La ORG, we would also like to include in this section called "viejas glorias" people who collaborated in previous editions (and sometimes still helping):
Silvia Tognetti (UPF)
Valerio Di Carlo (CRG)
Francesc Leiva
Ignasi Alfons
Albert Català
Elisabet Moliner
Mariana Lopez
Juergen Mayer
Romi Manzoni
David Piedra
Jordi Minguillón
Marc Güell
Carla Lluis
Giulia Lunazzi
Mari Carmen Ortells
Alberto Moldón

Also, we would like to thank the effort done by people from PRBB and some friends:
Elvira Lopez - PRBB
Monica Rodriguez - PRBB
Maruxa Martinez - PRBB
Reimund Fickert - PRBB
Ramon Safont - PRBB
Christian Teijón - BCNLabs
Gerbert Olivé - IMIM
Manel Rodríguez - CREAL